Denis Spedition is an international transport company that was founded in 2006 by Mr. Florin Tudose, as the only shareholder.

Denis Spedition is located in Bucharest, Romania, on Timișoara Boulevard, No.92.

Denis Spedition provides frigo transport services, both on the local and international markets. Denis Spedition’s fleet consists of 30 trucks with temperature controlled semi-trailers that can carry frozen goods or products that need constant temperature, placed on pallets or hooks.

Our trucks can also deliver various types of goods on the international market, especially in countries like: Hungary, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, France, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden and other countries from the European Union.
Denis Spedition’s trucks can run combined transport of goods at two different temperatures. If necessary, a team of two drivers can operate the truck, in order to reduce the duration of the transportation.