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    +40 21 444 35 57

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    Bd.Timisoara 92, sector 6, Bucuresti

Our leaders

Mister. Florin Tudose is the sole partner of Denis Spedition SRL & GmbH
With over 30 years of experience in international freight transport, from driver to fleet manager, Florin is actively involved in the management of the company, especially in the technical part and driver training.
Its iron principles are: exemplary cleanliness of the vehicles fleet, a principle that extends to the entire company, punctuality, accuracy down to the last detail, high quality services, care for the customer and his problems.


Mister. Mihnea Ioan has been the general manager of Denis Spedition SRL since 2017 and of Denis Spedition GmbH since its foundation.
He is mainly responsible for the operational and administrative part of the company.
Prior to joining Denis Spedition, Mihnea gained over 20 years of experience as general manager of the Romanian subsidiary of an international logistics company, simultaneously with over 10 years of experience as director of the Bulgarian and Serbian subsidiaries of the same company. He knows exactly what is important in this industry: punctuality, compliance with food safety standards and quality services.
After his arrival, Denis Spedition recorded a significant increase in the fleet and the volume of activity.

Mr Hans Dan Schnick is the Managing Director of Denis Spedition GmbH
For many, Hans Dan Schnick is a small legend in the field of commercial vehicles and especially refrigerated vehicles.
With almost 40 years of experience in this dynamic sector, together with many foreign missions in business development, he knows the limits of feasibility in the transport sector and is constantly trying to expand them with new solutions tailored to the customer.
With 8 fluent languages, he is at home everywhere. Preferably, of course, in his native country, Germany