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    +40 21 444 35 57

  • Mobil
    +40 722 219 445

  • Adresa
    Bd.Timisoara 92, sector 6, Bucuresti


A company’s staff is the key to ensures the success of a business. Therefore, we ensure that the professionalism of the staff employed reaches the highest standards. Experience and training are the main attributes of each employee. From drivers to dispatchers, you can rely on their efficiency and availability to find solutions even in the most difficult situations.
Our team of well-trained professional drivers ensure the transport of goods at a controlled temperature in conditions of maximum safety. Adherence to delivery deadlines is a priority for them and regardless of the unforeseen situations they may encounter, we can guarantee their effectiveness.
Also, the team of drivers constantly collaborates with our dispatchers, whose role is to ensure that even the most demanding conditions imposed by customers are met. Proactive and experienced, Denis Spedition dispatchers will always find the best solutions.


Name: Iancu Alin
Function: Manager transport
Email: alin.iancu@denis-spedition.ro

Name: Tudose Cerasela – Denisa
Function: Legal expert
E-mail: denisa.tudose@denis-spedition.ro



Name: Bănica Bogdan
Function: Dispatcher
Email: bogdan.banica@denis-spedition.ro

Name: Isăcescu Veronica
Function: Dispatcher
Email: veronica.isacescu@denis-spedition.ro

Name: Petre Jessica
Function: Dispatcher
Email: jessica.petre@denis-spedition.ro

Name: Safta Ioana
Function: Dispatcher
Email: ioana.safta@denis-spedition.ro


Name: Stoicescu Georgiana
Function: Administrativ financial departament
Email: georgiana.stoicescu@denis-spedition.ro

Name: Gherman Adrian
Function: Administrativ financial departament
Email: adrian.gherman@denis-spedition.ro